Visit us and make a journey to the past in one of our historic trains.

Trains run each Sunday from July until September according to the normal timetable. In addition to this we also host a lot of events with a more intensive timetable.



This timetable is valid on all yellow days on the calendar above.

For special events you will find more information on the event page.

!!!! Because of the situation around Covid-19 trains are running under reservation of the mesures taken by the government at that time

Baasrode-Noord → Puurs
     Steam Steam
Baasrode-Noord  Departure  11:45  14:45
Sint-Amands Departure  12:05  15:05
Oppuurs (Kattestraat)
Departure  12:20  15:20
Puurs (Seinhuiskaai)
Arrival  12:30  15:30
Puurs→ Baasrode-Noord
    Steam Steam
Puurs (Seinhuiskaai)
Departure  13:15  16:15
Oppuurs (Kattestraat) Departure  13:25  16:25
Departure  13:40  16:40
Arrival  14:00  17:00
 (In case of technical issues, the form of traction can be changed)



Tickets can be bought on the train with one of our train guards.
Groups from 10 people receive a discount of 10%
Groups from 15 people: please notify us beforehand, this way we can reserve the necessary amount of seats and (if needed) also place for bike storage). You can reach us via mail at or by telephoneon the number +32 052/33.02.23

You prefer only a single journey and continue the rest of the journey by bike through the beautiful Land of the Schelde? No problem! We can take along your bicycle for free in a specially fitted wagon.

 Day ticket Price
Adult (12+) 14 euros
Child (6-12 years old) 10 euros
Family (max. 4 children) 40 euros




Baasrode-Noord → Puurs

Puurs → Baasrode-Noord

Per stop

Child < 6 years old



Child 6 until 12 years old


  8 euros

4 euros


  (see day ticket) 

5 euros

Adult single

  10 euros

5 euros


  (see day ticket)

7 euros