This timetable is valid on all green days on the calendar above.

For special events (red days) you will find more information below.

!!!! Because of the situation around Covid-19 trains are running under reservation of the mesures taken by the government at that time

Baasrode-Noord → Puurs
     Steam Steam
Baasrode-Noord  Departure  11:45  14:45
Sint-Amands Departure  12:05  15:05
Oppuurs (Kattestraat)
Departure  12:20  15:20
Puurs (Seinhuiskaai) (*)
Arrival  12:30  15:30
Puurs→ Baasrode-Noord
    Steam Steam
Puurs (Seinhuiskaai) (*)
Departure  13:15  16:15
Oppuurs (Kattestraat) Departure  13:25  16:25
Departure  13:40  16:40
Arrival  14:00  17:00
 (In case of technical issues, the form of traction can be changed)
* trains to Puurs are under reservation at the moment.